Our Approach

  • We go to site

Working with the Business Operator, we visit the site and get to understand the business and its objectives. Assessing the priorities is essential in order to choose the right marketing tools.

  • Business analysis

We look at all existing marketing activity both traditional and digital and assess the effectiveness of all elements of activity. Every business is different and there are always various marketing initiatives already underway. It is important to encourage and continue the good activity and assess where further activity can be best utilised.

  • Produce a marketing plan

We produce a plan to ‘fill in the gaps’ to bring all areas of marketing up to an appropriate level for the business. We aim to ensure that there is a consistent marketing approach for all messages outside, inside and online.

  • Implement the plan

We Implement the above plan – typically over a 3 month period to ensure that all systems are fully functioning and that all key staff are trained and coached as required. We visit site on a regular call pattern to ensure progress towards the aims in the plan.

  • We look for the best solutions

We specialise in finding and implementing solutions that are straightforward and cost – effective, and can be sustained by a busy retailer. Where significant capital expenditure is being invested, we have a great track record in helping to promote new developments and maximising return on capital.